Oh, baby

See my new little babies.img_01181

Just so you know, the first three rows on the left were not planted with seeds.  Hence, no plants.    So, here is the breakdown of what we have here.  img_01141

Left to right;  fourth row is Green Zebra tomatoes, fifth is Aunt Ruby’s German cherry, sixth is the ground cherry – these are sprinkled on top as they are so tiny (may not do anything), seventh is Patio Red Marconi pepper, eight is Emerald Giant pepper,  Purple jalapeno pepper and last row is Tam jalapeno pepper.img_01131

img_01151Once the seeds have sprouted, they need to be placed under a light source.   As I mentioned in the last post, I have been keeping them on the top of the refrigerator at night for warmth, and under the grow light during the day ( approx.  16-18 hrs.).   I wasn’t really sure what to do in the beginning, because, of course,  some of the seeds germinated several days quicker than the others.   So I wondered,  did they need warmth  more than light?  I also didn’t want the seeds that had sprouted to not grow, or even die, if  they didn’t have enough light.  So, that was the solution I came up with and it seemed to work.   If MY HEAT MAT  HAD COME, it would have been a moot point.   I would then have just placed the system on the heat mat, under the grow light.   Alas, nothing is ever easy.  Right?

I just want to say at this point,  I  have such respect for farmers. 

So, this week I had a message on my machine from Calloway’s nursery.  “Hi, this message is for Tammy.  Um. yeah, your soil  test results are back.   If you would like to come  in   (pause) we can  discuss the results with you.”   Hmm.  It feels kind of like meeting the Professor in his office.  It’s either really good or really bad.  Stay tuned.

But, a good thing happened this week.  My friend Patty surprised me with SEEDS!  and a cute little drawstring bag!  Thank you, Patty!!!img_0107

They are garlic chives,  round baby carrots –  “Romeo”,  Poppy – peony double blend, and Chinese delphiniums “Blue Mirror”.    I can’t wait to plant them!  Oh, baby!

Patty was telling me how she remembered her grandparents always had a garden, with flowers and vegetables.  Do you remember a special garden, or someone special who had a garden?


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2 responses to “Oh, baby

  1. thesisterproject

    Oh, baby, indeed. This is just what I needed to see. Thank you for the gorgeous nursery story. The drawstring bag is as delightful a gift as a friend can give.

  2. fromgardentotable

    Welcome to thesisterproject,

    Yes, friends bearing gifts are wonderful. Friends bearing gifts of your heart’s desire are extraordinary.

    Hope you will visit often. (I am loving the sister project.)


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