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Sango Kaku


In case you were wondering if I speak Japanese, I only speak Japanese maple.  Specifically, Sango Kaku.  And yes, I know you can’t eat it.  But sometimes, we just need food for our soul.   Sango Kaku (acer palmatum) does it for me.  All.year.long.


In the spring, the leaves are a lime green which in the fall change to yellow and then to a beautiful golden color tinged with red.  In the winter, the younger branches are bright red which is so striking and unexpected.  And why you may know this tree as “coral bark” Japanese maple.

 This is a relatively small tree reaching 18-25 ft. tall and about 8-10 ft. wide. It grows best in zones 5-9.   I have it in a courtyard, so it is up close and personal every day.

What feeds your soul from the garden?

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