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Blue Skies smiling at me…

What a beautiful, beautiful weekend we had. Sun shining, cool breezes, in the 70’s for a high and 50’s for the low. Gorgeous. And my local nursery had Everything In The Store 50% off!!! I made three different trips.

The weather was perfect, but we had just come off of 5 weeks of rain, so the ground was still too wet to plant on Sat. and Sun. So, I concentrated on planting pots and cleaning up around the garden. It seems that Garden “cleaning up” is like housework. If you clean, no one notices… But if you don’t everyone will notice. So, I feel like I did a lot of work but probably no one but me would be able to tell.

Do you remember the Autumn clematis that was demolished when the fence blew down?
Well, he is a tough little guy and well on his way to recovery.  So I thought he deserved a brand new trellis. (sshhh, 50%off) Doesn’t he look spiffy?



Here are some of the pots I planted and a brand new Croton I bought. Very autumnal don’t you think?


These are some new plantings of snapdragons and dianthus, with the coleus and chrysanthemums I already had.





And a brand new pot above with its tag still on, waiting for a new plant.  I had plant overload and couldn’t decide what to plant in it.  I’m thinking maybe an herb…

So, this morning before I went to work, I did FINALLY get some seeds planted…


in this bed.  (Boy, my chives need a haircut)  The other herb in this picture is lemon balm.  While I was working all around this bed, the scent from the lemon balm was wonderful!!

So this is what I planted!


Parsley in the back,  swiss chard in front of the parsley, garden cress in front of the swiss chard and Tom Thumb lettuce in front of the swiss chard.  The Little Gem lettuce I planted in a pot.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will get the beets planted.

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At Last.

Yipee!  Our new fence is up!  Here are some pics of the old one.



And here is the new one!




And the best part is… it’s finished.  Well, except for the sealing.

There were only a few casualties from the installation.  I had a Henry clematis which was trampled and I don’t think I will be able to save it.  My compost bin’s wire was knocked open.


Some of the compost escaped, but I just used it in the garden. 


And here is your Heloise tip for the day.


Leftover bread ties to keep your compost bin together.   Hey, I’m thinking those white covers will weather off those little metal ties and then they will be practically invisible.   Right?

The rest of the weekend was spent amending my soil.  Compost. Compost. Compost.  With the new fence going up, it has been a good time to reevaluate certain areas.  I have decided to move some daylillies (now) and a rosebush (in Feb.) which will allow me to have a larger area for vegetables.  So, to date I have planted:  watercress, arugula, and two lettuces (Lolita and  Petite Rouge).  All of these I planted in containers.  Watercress because it likes to be kept moist, so I thought a container would be easier.  Arugula because it likes to be in part  shade so I can move it around.  The lettuces because I had tried it before, and it worked beautifully.

I just can’t wait to get everything planted!  Oh, and before I forget, my friend Marsha brought me these cute little faux stone herb markers.  Aren’t they cute!



Thank you, Marsha!!!!!


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