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Hi, I’m “Bob the Builder”.

I have so many projects around here that I am becoming frustrated having to take time out of gardening, to do some “building”. 

Project #1  First, there are the slate (I think they are slate) stones that I brought over a few at a time from my mom’s house in the back of my Honda.

  1. First, I need to get about 25 more from a stone place as I didn’t have enough to complete the space.
  2. Then, I need to place them exactly where I want them. (sounds easy, doesn’t it. ha!)  (some are reeaally heavy)
  3. Then, I have to take them up and either a.) kill grass and weeds with Roundup or  b.) put down black plastic underneath to kill them ( one is quick and not environmentally friendly; the other will take longer while being environmentally safe) decisions, decisions.
  4. Then, I need to put sand underneath the stones.  If  I were to put the stones down directly on this black clay, they would move and shift, possibly even break. ( this has already happened to a couple of them)
  5. Then, I want to plant a “steppable”  herb like thyme or a moss or something  between the cracks.
  6. Because this is how it looks now when it hasn’t been trimmed.IMG_0389 any questions?

Project #2  I am making a pathway out of bricks to be placed on the north side of my house between my hydrangeas and another bed.  It is very narrow and doesn’t look like it would take much time or construction, but  I.was.wrong. It is literally going to take bags and bags of sand AND more bricks.   IMG_0374



This is the semi-finished project.  I only have about eight more of these to complete.  yikes!

Project #3  My pitiful gazebo is literally falling down. 


 It began its descent after hurricane Rita hit the gulf coast of Texas and we received winds of 60 mph+ here in Dallas. (Yes, I know that was a couple of years ago)  So, I need a new “something” to replace it.  This  will involve taking down the old one which is covered in my Peggy Martin rose and erecting the new one in its place.  My problem has been finding something that will work, something I like and ,unfortunately, can afford. (this may end up being a fall project/hoping to get a pergola on sale at end of summer) If I can wait that long!!!!!!!!

On to more exciting “projects”,  I have itty bitty tomatoes on my plants.  IMG_0379

and little bell peppersIMG_0400

as well as more jalapeno peppersIMG_0384

and I planted my purple hull peas!!!!!  The other day Heather at www.heatherbakes.com asked what our favorite summer food was, to which I replied tomatoes and peaches.  But, I totally forgot about purple hull peas.  They are fantastic!   My absolute favorite pea, and always remind me of summer.

I made a salsa this weekend with my peppers and it was really good.  I used two jalapeno peppers (seeded and chopped), tomato (chopped), onion (chopped), one clove garlic- finely minced, cilantro-chopped (you can omit if you don’t like it), freshly squeezed lime juice, kosher salt and freshly ground pepper.  After mixing together, I added an avocado cut into small cubes. mmm. good.  It tasted just like summer.

What tastes like summer to you?

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