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We’ve got trouble…

Yes, we’ve got trouble right here in River City.  Actually, what we have is this …

IMG_0718 which caused this


You probably don’t recognize my beautiful autumn clematis, but that is what’s left of  it.


A storm blew through with 6+ inches of rain and an entire section of our fence fell down, taking my autumn clematis with it.

And here is the “River City”


So, needless to say there hasn’t been too much gardening going on here at fromgardentotable.  BUT, this weekend the rain is supposed to stop and I cannot wait to get out in the garden.  I am going to plan out and prepare (if possible and not too wet) my beds for Fall planting.  I have received all my seeds so when the date is right I will be ready!!!

So, did you notice my Foodie Blogroll?  I was kind of excited to be approved.  (I was afraid my blog was going to be too much garden and not enough food.)  It made me feel better about the sad state of affairs around here.


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