Tiny Harvests

Our month of June was the 3rd hottest EVER recorded.   I’ll just let that sizzle in for a moment.   Everyday was over 90 degrees. ssssssssss.  July is not looking any cooler.  Electric bill was over 300. Nice.

It is such a surprise to me that anything, at all,  would be growing  in the garden.  But I did harvest my garlic and trimmed it up nice and pretty.  The tops  went into the compost. 

 Largest garlic bulb ever produced at fromgardentotable.  Very exciting.

I am also still harvesting my Porter cherry tomatoes a few at a time.  I love these tomatoes.

and jalapenos, cause I’ve gotta keep the salsa flowing.

My cucumbers have lots of blooms and the bees are pollinating them but no fruit.  I have the same situation with my zucchini  plant.  Dang it.



Baby bell peppers.

lots of basil…  I have three different areas like this of basil.  Gotta get going on my pesto making.

thai basil…  I planted it because it is pretty and purple.  Why else would you?

purple hull peas

My purple hull peas are growing well, but haven’t seen any blooms yet.  I don’t know if it is going to be too hot for them to set or not.  I was a little late getting them out this year.

Believe it or not, it  is time to start planting for a fall garden.   I know I will be planting lots of Swiss Chard and Kale.   Lettuces for sure.  Beyond that I’m not sure what else I would like to plant.  I haven’t had very good luck with Fall gardens, but I think I have always waited too late.  I will try to be a better gardener.  I will try to be a better gardener.  Uh Huh.

 The reality is I will probably be using up the seeds I have that will work in a Fall garden.  When I figure it out, you’ll be the first to know.


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4 responses to “Tiny Harvests

  1. awesome garlic harvest! looks like your garden’s really rolling. i haven’t had much luck with fall gardens either, but i’m going to try again and start planning earlier this year. i’m even going to give broccoli another shot, despite how much it seems to hate me.

  2. fromgardentotable

    I am still laughing about the broccoli hating you… i know what you mean. Carrots and radishes seem to hate me.

    Supposedly radishes are the easiest vegetable to grow, but I haven’t been able to grow them. I was going to tell youI have some ground cherry plantswhich have popped up all around the garden. Hope they all produce. Do you have any this year?


  3. yes i do have ground cherries! just two plants though. i started them super early and i’ve gotten a couple dozen ripe ones already. i can totally understand how they would come up like weeds in your garden considering how they pop off the plant when they’re ripe–and i’ve caught earthworms trying to steal them! after the fruits fall on the ground worms try to suck them into their holes just like they do with dead leaves.

    radishes have been difficult for me too, and i wonder if maybe you’ve had the same problem i was having–i wasn’t aware until recently that different varieties of radishes fall into different seasonal categories. i thought they all grew in spring, but there are many that will only swell their roots if the days are getting shorter and temps getting cooler rather than longer/warmer like in spring. so for instance watermelon, violet de gournay and black spanish are all fall/winter radishes. some spring radishes include purple plum, french breakfast and sparkler white tip. i’m going to try planting radishes in fall for the first time this year. i’d be happy to mail you some seeds if you’d like to try fall types as well.

  4. fromgardentotable

    I’m glad you have ground cherries. I have a recipe for ground cherry pie if you are interested. I’m going to try it this year. I didn’t know that about radishes, so thank you very much. I will have to figure out if that is the problem or if it is just me. Maybe we can exchange some seeds. I will look when I get home and let you kow what I have if you want any of them. Thanks again, Emily.


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