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Tammy Appleseed

I LOOOOVE SPRING!  It seems as if you can just throw seeds in a pot and they just grow and blossom with very little effort.  Remember the potato pots I started..

Yukon Gold

red potatoes

Well, here they are now……

red potatoes

Yukon Gold

Isn’t that amazing!  I hope I get some potatoes out of these.  I should be able to harvest around  June or whenever the tops start to turn yellow and die down.

I also planted some lettuce seeds in a wooden box I found in the garage.

I believe my son made this in woodshop several years ago.  (Hope he doesn’t want it back.)  It is perfect, because it has handles which will allow me to move it around when the sun begins to heat up.

That was a about a week ago.  Here they are now…

I also have beans coming up – speckled butter beans, Maxibel Haricot Vert beans and pinto beans!!!

These are the pinto beans.

These are the Maxibel Hericot Vert.

These around the round trellis are speckled butter beans.

and purple hull peas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My pepper plants are starting to grow.  These are anaheim.

My pumpkin seeds have sprouted, too.

Hoping they will climb UP the trellis.  Inside the teepee I planted Tom Thumb lettuces.  They are miniature bibb lettuces about the size of a baseball.  Don’t look too hard, they haven’t sprouted yet, hehe.

Here are the rest of peppers to put out:  some are bell peppers others more anaheim and jalapeno.

Last but not least are the tomato plants.

I have Porter planted here and a basil in front (it looks lime green but it was just the way the light was shining, it’s actually fairly green).  I also have San Marzano, Arkansas Traveler and Rio Grande in quart pots I need to put out. oy.  But, would you get a load of my peonies!  This is the prettiest they have ever been.

Tammy Appleseed is now resting.

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Where, oh where, is Spring?

Not here yet, that is for sure.  These pictures are from a week ago when we received 12 inches in Dallas.  In one day.  That has never happened in my lifetime.  In fact, not since 1913.  These pictures were actually taken the day after.  I had to work and couldn’t capture the beautiful scenery I saw on my drive home.  It really was breathtaking.

But then it melted.  With all the water from the snow, the garden is soggy.

I did get outside for a few hours this past Sunday when the sun decided to come out and warm things up a bit.  I mainly weeded.  It has been way too wet to plant my English peas and Sugar Ann snap peas.  So I am a bit discouraged.

I did have some seedlings to germinate.  

 The tallest ones on the left are Porter tomatoes, next  to those are some anaheim peppers.  The anaheim’s  were a free packet I received and wasn’t sure exactly what kind of pepper they were.  Well… it turns out they are also called Hatch peppers and are very similar to Poblanos, which I love,  so I am excited about these.

The tiny sproutlings on the right are Chinese delphiniums.  The nothings in the middle were some coleus seeds from plants I had last year.  I thought I would try them, but they didn’t germinate.

I know Spring is just around the corner.  Until then, here are some Jonquils I picked the day before the snow fell.

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Oh, baby

See my new little babies.img_01181

Just so you know, the first three rows on the left were not planted with seeds.  Hence, no plants.    So, here is the breakdown of what we have here.  img_01141

Left to right;  fourth row is Green Zebra tomatoes, fifth is Aunt Ruby’s German cherry, sixth is the ground cherry – these are sprinkled on top as they are so tiny (may not do anything), seventh is Patio Red Marconi pepper, eight is Emerald Giant pepper,  Purple jalapeno pepper and last row is Tam jalapeno pepper.img_01131

img_01151Once the seeds have sprouted, they need to be placed under a light source.   As I mentioned in the last post, I have been keeping them on the top of the refrigerator at night for warmth, and under the grow light during the day ( approx.  16-18 hrs.).   I wasn’t really sure what to do in the beginning, because, of course,  some of the seeds germinated several days quicker than the others.   So I wondered,  did they need warmth  more than light?  I also didn’t want the seeds that had sprouted to not grow, or even die, if  they didn’t have enough light.  So, that was the solution I came up with and it seemed to work.   If MY HEAT MAT  HAD COME, it would have been a moot point.   I would then have just placed the system on the heat mat, under the grow light.   Alas, nothing is ever easy.  Right?

I just want to say at this point,  I  have such respect for farmers. 

So, this week I had a message on my machine from Calloway’s nursery.  “Hi, this message is for Tammy.  Um. yeah, your soil  test results are back.   If you would like to come  in   (pause) we can  discuss the results with you.”   Hmm.  It feels kind of like meeting the Professor in his office.  It’s either really good or really bad.  Stay tuned.

But, a good thing happened this week.  My friend Patty surprised me with SEEDS!  and a cute little drawstring bag!  Thank you, Patty!!!img_0107

They are garlic chives,  round baby carrots –  “Romeo”,  Poppy – peony double blend, and Chinese delphiniums “Blue Mirror”.    I can’t wait to plant them!  Oh, baby!

Patty was telling me how she remembered her grandparents always had a garden, with flowers and vegetables.  Do you remember a special garden, or someone special who had a garden?


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