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Tough Plants

People, the temperature has been in the three digits for a couple of weeks now, with the heat index pushing it to 108, on a couple of days.    Whew! But finally we are getting a break.  We have  even had a little rain, which is very exciting.  My tomato plants are crispy.

But even in this unbearable heat, there are plants that haven’t missed a beat.  Vegetables and flowering plants.  I ‘m not talking about Nogales cacti either.  The first plant that comes to mind is Angelonia (angelonia angustifolia).  (When I first read the scientific name I thought it said AUGUSTifolia and thought “no kidding”. 


 This is the most amazing plant.   It is zone hardy for zones 9-11.  Is is drought tolerant, heat tolerant and low maintenance, requiring no deadheading.  It also tolerates  humidity which is a bonus here.  The low temperature  hardiness for this plant is 40 degrees but I can tell you the upper range is at least 104-106 degrees.  I am speaking from first hand knowledge as those are the temperatures we have been having and it hasn’t  wilted.  not once.

I love that this plant is called the “summer snapdragon”.  I couldn’t give it a more perfect name. 


Also, the colors of this plant are white, lavender, pink and a pink/lavender.  Those are very cooling and soothing colors in the middle of the summer and not always easy to find in sun-loving plants. 




 The plants range from 12-18 inches in height to 15-18 inches wide.  There is a compact variety called “Serena” Angelonia  (My lavender and pink one are “Serena”).  I have found this variety at several of my local nurseries.  Another observation about this plant is it doesn’t seem to grow much larger than the size it is when you purchase it.  For me, that is a bonus as they don’t get too large for pots (although all of mine are in the ground) nor do they “take over” their area.

Another plant loving the heat are my purple hull peas.  I didn’t think these were going to produce as I had blooms but then nothing. 


 Well, on one of the hottest days we have had so far, I looked out and there were pods everywhere.  It seemed as if it happened overnight.IMG_0650



These are my favorite kind of summer pea, so I am hoping to have a good harvest . 

 I asked my Dad one day how many pods would you need to pick for a “mess” (it’s a Southern thing) of peas.  My Dad had a wonderful sense of humor.   Without missing a beat, he said “A whole day’s picking”.

I sure do miss my Dad.


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