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To Market, To Market

There is a little neighborhood farmers market which is open the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month.   On the 2nd  Saturday, there are produce vendors along with craft, bakery, and miscellaneous vendors which include vintage bicycles, jewelry, etc.   The 4th Saturday is just farmers, growers and artisan foods.  Their produce is local and organic.

So I took my friend Karen to check it out because I have been telling her how wonderful it is.  If you are in the Dallas area, here is their website   They are located near White Rock Lake at the Greenspot.  This is Karen checking out a jewelry booth, .  She bought a really pretty ring.

This weekend was the produce plus craft vendors, so there was lots to see… jewelry, homemade soaps, honey, cheese, coffee, breads,  not to mention lots of produce.

Here’s my loot..

sweet, organic blueberries picked the day before.  I decided to freeze them.

gorgeous tomatoes.  I bought four and gave two to my mom.

purple hull peas

Awesome cheese made in Granbury Texas.  I have been eating on this all week.

Beautiful handmade soaps.  I always buy these soaps.  I wish I had smellavision so you could fully appreciate how good they smell.  We had these in the back of the car and they perfumed the car all day.

The top soap was rosemary and fig.

My favorite coffee, Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters.  Roasted the day before, yum.  here is their website

After the farmer’s market, we headed to Oak Cliff to check out a plant nursery I had read about called  Repotted.  Isn’t that the best name?

It turned out to be an amazing find.  Such a cute shop in what was once a gas station.  Not to mention they were having a 25% off sale.  heh heh.

Here is my loot from Repotted.

An orange Esperanza.  I had only seen the yellow ones.

Lemon Verbena!!!!!!!!  I have been looking for Lemon Verbena all Spring and Summer at every nursery (about six-seven different ones) and was unable to find it until now.  I was soooo excited!

Crotons.  thinking ahead to Fall.  These were a great price.  I should have gotten 2 more.

 I also bought some seed packets, which I will show you later.   They also carry  Seeds of Change packets.   I already had seeds similar to what they had, so I didn’t purchase any.  But, I am glad to know they have  them.

Repotted also has an amazing assortment of organic treatments, soils, amendments, etc.  I will definitely be going back!

Is this not the cutest potting shed!  I so wish I had room for one. sigh.

Such a fun day!  Thanks, Karen.  I’m ready to go again!

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Dog Days of Summer

It is indeed the dog days of summer. Our temperatures have been over 100 for the past five days and are to continue throughout this week.  I am dreaming of cool, crisp days… but,  I spent this past weekend,  pulling up my bug-infested purple hull pea vines and spent tomato plants. I also took out all of the bean vines I had planted.  I got one batch of  haricot vert beans and a few pinto beans early in the summer.  After that, they gave up.  The only thing my butter bean vine produced was leaves.  sigh.   But all is not lost, my ground cherry plants are really starting to rev up,

This is what I have collected so far.  I need a whole lot more for jam. but I still have quite a bit of fruit on the plants so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

My lemon cucumbers are taking over this area of my side yard.

My pumpkin vines are growing with itty bitty pumpkins forming.  How cute is that?

And then there are the peppers…

Would you like a few?

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How does your garden grow?

The garden is in full swing.  I can’t believe it has been a month since I posted.  Here is what is growing or just finished growing (potatoes) so far.

Tomatoes – three varieties, Potatoes – two varieties, Peppers – three varieties, green beans, pinto beans, speckled butter beans, lemon cucumbers, purple hull peas, swiss chard, Jack Be Little pumpkins, basil – two varieties, lemon verbena, lemon balm, oregano, lavender, parsley, salad burnet, thyme, germander, and tarragon.

peas, basil, tomatoes, parsley in back, chives, lemon balm, salad burnet.


lemon cucumbers.


pumpkins.  Well, at least a bloom which will hopefully become a pumpkin.

peppers – anaheim, bell, pepperoncini.  The anaheim have been very prolific.


purple hull peas.

lemon verbena.

I have a dear, sweet friend whom I have never met in person.  Amazing, isn’t it?  She lives in Canada and we email, facebook and mail packages back and forth across the border.  She is an amazing person and has a truly pure spirit, if you know what I mean.  She has sent me amazing gifts – REAL Maple Syrup, cookbooks, chocolate, picture frames – you see what I’m talking about.  Well, this last pkg. was all about gardening.  See for yourself.

which I promptly hung my hat on … ( I had been looking for something for just this very thing.

and she also sent these cuties

Thank you, Josee’, my dear sweet friend.

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