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At Last.

Yipee!  Our new fence is up!  Here are some pics of the old one.



And here is the new one!




And the best part is… it’s finished.  Well, except for the sealing.

There were only a few casualties from the installation.  I had a Henry clematis which was trampled and I don’t think I will be able to save it.  My compost bin’s wire was knocked open.


Some of the compost escaped, but I just used it in the garden. 


And here is your Heloise tip for the day.


Leftover bread ties to keep your compost bin together.   Hey, I’m thinking those white covers will weather off those little metal ties and then they will be practically invisible.   Right?

The rest of the weekend was spent amending my soil.  Compost. Compost. Compost.  With the new fence going up, it has been a good time to reevaluate certain areas.  I have decided to move some daylillies (now) and a rosebush (in Feb.) which will allow me to have a larger area for vegetables.  So, to date I have planted:  watercress, arugula, and two lettuces (Lolita and  Petite Rouge).  All of these I planted in containers.  Watercress because it likes to be kept moist, so I thought a container would be easier.  Arugula because it likes to be in part  shade so I can move it around.  The lettuces because I had tried it before, and it worked beautifully.

I just can’t wait to get everything planted!  Oh, and before I forget, my friend Marsha brought me these cute little faux stone herb markers.  Aren’t they cute!



Thank you, Marsha!!!!!


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Any time now.

This is a really short post, but just wanted to give an update.

I am really excited!  Fence guy is coming today to take down the old fence and possibly put in the posts.  Sooo, I should have a new fence by Saturday.  I hope. I hope.

I worked yesterday removing vines, birdhouses, hanging baskets, pots, etc. from anywhere near the fence to prevent possible disasters.   But, I am sure there will be something trampled during this ordeal.  At least it is near the end of summer AND I hadn’t planted my Fall seeds.  Three cheers for procrastination and lots of RAIN!

This is really holding me up with my Fall garden, not to mention the weather.  So, I am really anxious to get on with it.  But, I did plant my lettuces and watercress in some containers which had held peppers  this summer.  Planting them in containers keeps the bunnies at bay,  so I don’t turn into Mrs. McGregor.  They are also easier to move around this winter to avoid frost.

Gotta go, fence guy is here!!!!!!!!!

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