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Oh Baby, look at me now.

As you may recall,  (or see post dated 2/20/09) I had planted some itty bitty ground cherry seeds.  5 of the 6 plants germinated.  So, I wanted to show you a picture of how they look today. img_0213

I am going to plant them in the garden this weekend.  I hope, I hope, I hope they do well because I understand the jam that can be made from these little babies is awesome.

I also wanted to show you a picture of my English pea plants. img_0191

Did you see the little blooms?  Can’t wait for the pods to form.

Ok, full disclosure.  My tomato plants AND most of the pepper plants are too leggy.  Problem #1;  I had too many plants for my light source (due to problem #2).  Problem #2;  I was unable to put my plants outside, to “strengthen” in their pots prior to planting, as our weather  turned extremely windy and too cold. (We even had a threat of frost.)  Now, the tomato plants I’m not too concerned about because  you can plant the “leggy” part of the plant into the soil and it will root and actually make your plant stronger. (and no one will be the wiser, hehe)  But, some of the pepper plants may not make it so I may be buying transplants.  Rats.

But, here is one pepper plant that is looking good.img_0207

Another update:  I fertilized my garlic which I planted last fall.  This will be ready for harvest this summer.  Yum.img_01731

And, as I was getting ready to cut back my salad burnet,  I found that it is getting ready to bloom!  So I am going to let it bloom to see what the flower looks like.img_0171

I was lamenting the other day about whether Spring was EVER going to get here.  Well, I think it has arrived.img_0179img_0182img_0184img_01961img_0178img_0177

How’s your Spring going?

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Tidying Up


This past weekend was fairly mild, in the  50-60’s.   Sunday  was exceptionally nice.  So, what’s a person to do with weather like that….. WEED!!!!  I’m not sure why I have so many weeds.  They’re these tiny little grassy, pesty, weeds that spread like crazy.img_0126

 I am determined to be rid of them. ALL.  I don’t like to use pesticides, so I am humbly on my knees, exterminating them one by one.  See the progress?  img_0138


Of course, the only problem with this method is you’re never done!!

So, I planted my English peas, maestro variety, on February 7th…….. and heeeere they are, along with some parsley which is doing unexpectedly well.img_0124



Yes, I know there is a dowel lying on the ground between the rows.   (I am going to place a nylon trellis there for the peas to climb.  It’s kind of like a volleyball or tennis net .   The company says it will be shipped March 1st. )  I can’t wait to eat peas!!!!!

So,  I guess you saw the yellow jonquils.   I bought these at the grocery store last year in full bloom.  No reason,  just because they were beautiful.  When they finished blooming, I planted them in the yard and forgot about them until now.  (sigh)  This is why I love gardening.

So, here are a few more early Spring arrivals in my garden.





So, get out there and weed people,  it is SO worth it.

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