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As you may or may not know,  wildfires have been raging in the state of Texas.  One of the largest was in Bastrop County (near Austin) in which over  fifteen hundred homes have been destroyed and over 34,068 acres.   Coupled with the drought and scorching temperatures we have had (low humidity) we are evidently a fire waiting to happen.  The Texas Forest service states they have had 141 new fires in the past 7 days with 34,933 acres involved.  New fires in the past seven days.  Unbelievable.

One of these fires started not too far from our land in East Texas, Cass County.    It has been called the Bear Creek fire.   About sixty-six homes were lost to this fire and  40,548 acres of timber.  Our land and cabin were too close for comfort to this fire and it is only 80% contained.

This past weekend we removed some of our most precious items and memories, just in case the worst should happen.  My grandmother’s quilts, a painting of my grandfather’s feed store, a piece of paper written by my niece in a childish scrawl.  It reads “Mamaw.  If you see a lizard,  please get it for me.  Whitney.”  Priceless.

We truly do not appreciate what we have until it is in danger of being taken from us.

I am grateful to the many firefighters, forest rangers, and neighbors who have battled the fires.  They have trenched, control burned, and sprayed water to save people’s homes and land.  Some have traveled great distances to help.  I have a new appreciation for our Texas Forest Service.

Still standing.  So grateful.

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