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Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho…

The weather here has been  gloomy.  But we can’t complain because we have gotten some much, much needed RAIN!  However, the sun is shining today and I am very glad because there is soo much work to be done. 

First up, the fence.  An entire section blew down during the “bad” weather which I have been expecting to happen for some time now.  (almost done)img_0148

Secondly, the edging.  There are I believe three different types of edging here:  black rubber edging, plastic green edging and metal edging.   I won’t go into the sordid history of WHY there are three different kinds, but let’s just say ENOUGH!  img_0146

 So, the metal one is what I am going to use as it seems to hold up the best. It also comes in straight or curved pieces and can be curved into undulating shapes if needed. sexy. img_0152

Third, the need for adding more richly, composted soil to one of the beds which always seems to be eroding (probably due to crummy edging) and improper bed preparation.  It is also the lowest spot in the garden.

Not to mention all of the weeding and cutting back of dead and downright scruffy looking plants.  For example, lillies needed to be tidied up..img_0153

and this one   img_01561

Now isn’t this better?img_0155

and this?img_0158

I also transplanted my tomato and pepper plants to 4in. pots.   I am letting them sit outside in the breeze to hopefully strengthen them, putting them back in the house at night.   Call me cautious but even though our last frost date is March 17th, I don’t put out my tomato plants until April 1.   No foolin.

I am trying to get beds prepared because very soon it will be time to direct sow seeds into the ground. (My personal favorite way to start seeds)

My english peas are starting to grow and hopefully will do ok, they looked a bit limp because of all the rain, but hoping the sun will take care of that. My nylon trellis came THE DAY AFTER  I gerryrigged this old piece of trellis for my babies to climb on. img_0143

 Shut up.  I know it isn’t pretty but sometimes you gotta improvise.  (Don’t you love the brick holding up the broken end?)  nice.  I have to say, my Dad was right, don’t ever throw anything away! 

 And can you believe this parsley?  img_0144

I basically threw it out there and didn’t expect it to do well and looky there.  I think I am going to  try and  make a pesto.   Have any of you tried pesto made from parsley?  I will make some and get back to you.

And then I found this little guy.  So unexpected. Just playing peek-a-boo from under the parsley.img_0145

Life is kind of like that, isn’t it.

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