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Just call me Lucky

I am so fortunate to be a part of an extended gardening family.  My Mom and Dad gardened together for years and everything I learned about gardening I learned first from them.   My Dad passed away in  March, so it is our gardens (for me and my mom) that are our solace.

But, I am also lucky  in that I have lillies that were in my great-grandmother’s garden which made their way to my mother’s garden and then to mine.  I remember she had a cottage-style garden in front of her house with flowers on both sides of the walkway as you approached the house.  Cottage gardens are to this day my favorite.

My Aunt Pat is also a gardener.  She lives on acreage  “out in the country” and has probably  a quarter acre of  irises and lillies planted around her house.  Last year she divided her irises and lillies and shared some with me.  Some of them bloomed last year, BUT almost all of  the irises  are blooming this year.  So, I just had to share them with you.







Hope you liked them!


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