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If You’re Gonna Plant a …

It really is too  hot to do anything but sit here and type.   I hope I  can find something to write about as the garden is in limbo.    Vegetables are growing,  but at such a slow pace.   I am tempted to go out and pull up everything  to get ready for Fall.  But then I’ll see a tomato or a pepper or better yet a cucumber and I decide to wait jussst a little longer.

I have learned a lot this growing season.  Mostly what NOT to do next year.  Here are a few decisions I have made.

I won’t be planting anymore Green tomatoes.  I’m sorry but it’s too hard to tell when they are ready to eat.  AND I believe I prefer the red ones.  My space is too limited to plant something I don’t really LOVE.

If you are gonna plant a hot pepper plant, plant a variety that is HOT.  I planted some TAM jalapeno plants which were very  mild.  I thought this was a great idea,  (jalapeno flavor without all the heat) but they were pretty much like a sweet pepper.

And IF you plant a hot pepper plant, seriously consider how many you really need.  For me, probably one plant.  (Note to self: please remember this in Jan. when you go wild with the seed buying)

When planting cucumbers plant only one variety.  This way when the vines start to grow into their neighbor’s area,  yikes!  it won’t be necessary to figure out which variety is which. 

Never buy seed from the local feed store where it has been sitting  for God knows how long.  ( I was desperate for Purple Hull Peas and my normal supplier was OUT) I could definitely tell the difference in quality.

Do plant lettuces  early and frequently to have a continuous supply.

Do plan ahead how you are going to utilize all that bounty.   Man cannot live by salsa alone.   Well, maybe.

I also realized I am going to need to build up my beds EVEN MORE with excellent composted soil.  I think for me, raised beds are the way to go.

So, here is the last of the Porter tomatoes, a few cucumbers and my beloved purple hull peas.




While I may not be ready to say goodbye to summer, I am ready to say goodbye to 100+ temperatures.<a title=”Cucumber on Foodista”


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Unfortunately, we are having 100 degree weather here at fromgardentotable. If I were a vegetable (no editorial comments, please) I am very sure I would have quit producing. But, luckily, that isn’t what has happened …yet.The tomatoes are ripening.  I have to pick them just when there is the faintest blush of pink on them or the birds will peck them.  So, I pick them as soon as I can and let them ripen on the windowsill.


These are the Porter tomatoes.   But, I also have some Aunt Ruby’s German tomatoes which are a green tomato which when cut have a pink center and some Green Zebra’s which are rather small.

The basil is coming along, and I have sown some more.  I am of the opinion one can never have enough basil.

My purple hull peas are growing, but as I was examining them yesterday SOMETHING has been chewing on the leaves.  I suspect grasshoppers.  Nasty little buggers.

But, the real show stoppers right now are the cucumber vines.  Wow!  They have really taken off.


So, I read the other day that cucumbers have two blooms.  A male bloom which appears first and then falls off.  A female bloom then appears which makes the fruit.  I also read that honey bees are needed to pollinate the blooms.  Look what I found when I was examining the vines.


If you look real close, there is a bee in the center of the flower.  And evidently, they have been doing their  job because I found THIS!


Um, now I just need a few more so I can make pickles instead of  a pickle.  Also, this photo makes the cucumber look sooo large but it is actually only about 5-6 inches long.  There are tons of blooms, though, so I am very hopeful.

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Eeny Meeny Miny Mo?

Would you believe All the seeds  I planted less than a week ago have germinated? I was truly amazed.  Now I need to thin the cucumber plants.  How do I decide which will stay and which will go?   I find this stressful. 

My lettuce seeds are coming up nicely.  I managed to sow them in a fairly even manner. IMG_0357

Can’t say that for the basil seeds. IMG_0358


I really must stop taking that glass of wine out into the garden.  But, seriously I do sow my basil thick like this and have found that it works really well.  And like I said before, I am not very good at thinning. 

So, here are my cucumber seeds that I have to decide who will stay….IMG_0367



…and who will go.  Eeny Meeny Miny Mo….

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