Eeny Meeny Miny Mo?

Would you believe All the seeds  I planted less than a week ago have germinated? I was truly amazed.  Now I need to thin the cucumber plants.  How do I decide which will stay and which will go?   I find this stressful. 

My lettuce seeds are coming up nicely.  I managed to sow them in a fairly even manner. IMG_0357

Can’t say that for the basil seeds. IMG_0358


I really must stop taking that glass of wine out into the garden.  But, seriously I do sow my basil thick like this and have found that it works really well.  And like I said before, I am not very good at thinning. 

So, here are my cucumber seeds that I have to decide who will stay….IMG_0367



…and who will go.  Eeny Meeny Miny Mo….

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