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What is that?

I bought several kinds of seeds awhile back, and I do mean A while.  So far back I can’t remember exactly.  But by straining my brain and comparing notes of other plants I finally decided…. I planted these seeds about a year and a half ago to two years.  I am unsure of the season – may have been winter or into spring.

They came up readily enough.  They produced green foliage that very suspiciously looked like a weed.  They stayed green through the winter, which made me even more wary.


The only thing that saved them from being uprooted was  I knew I had planted something there.  But what?  I couldn’t find the seed packet to remember what they were called.  I new I had the information, but for some reason never took the time to look for it. 

But this Spring, something began to happen to those “weeds”.  A tall shoot appeared and little white tubules formed.  THEN, those tubules began to turn red.  Something in the back of my brain said “Oh yeah, I think I bought something red to attract hummingbirds”.  But what was it called???

Finally, I found the packet.  So, now this pretty little baby has a name.





She is a penstemon, called Scarlet Bugler.

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