Tidying Up


This past weekend was fairly mild, in the  50-60’s.   Sunday  was exceptionally nice.  So, what’s a person to do with weather like that….. WEED!!!!  I’m not sure why I have so many weeds.  They’re these tiny little grassy, pesty, weeds that spread like crazy.img_0126

 I am determined to be rid of them. ALL.  I don’t like to use pesticides, so I am humbly on my knees, exterminating them one by one.  See the progress?  img_0138


Of course, the only problem with this method is you’re never done!!

So, I planted my English peas, maestro variety, on February 7th…….. and heeeere they are, along with some parsley which is doing unexpectedly well.img_0124



Yes, I know there is a dowel lying on the ground between the rows.   (I am going to place a nylon trellis there for the peas to climb.  It’s kind of like a volleyball or tennis net .   The company says it will be shipped March 1st. )  I can’t wait to eat peas!!!!!

So,  I guess you saw the yellow jonquils.   I bought these at the grocery store last year in full bloom.  No reason,  just because they were beautiful.  When they finished blooming, I planted them in the yard and forgot about them until now.  (sigh)  This is why I love gardening.

So, here are a few more early Spring arrivals in my garden.





So, get out there and weed people,  it is SO worth it.

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