Dog Days of Summer

It is indeed the dog days of summer. Our temperatures have been over 100 for the past five days and are to continue throughout this week.  I am dreaming of cool, crisp days… but,  I spent this past weekend,  pulling up my bug-infested purple hull pea vines and spent tomato plants. I also took out all of the bean vines I had planted.  I got one batch of  haricot vert beans and a few pinto beans early in the summer.  After that, they gave up.  The only thing my butter bean vine produced was leaves.  sigh.   But all is not lost, my ground cherry plants are really starting to rev up,

This is what I have collected so far.  I need a whole lot more for jam. but I still have quite a bit of fruit on the plants so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

My lemon cucumbers are taking over this area of my side yard.

My pumpkin vines are growing with itty bitty pumpkins forming.  How cute is that?

And then there are the peppers…

Would you like a few?

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