It’s a Bug’s Life.

My purple hull peas are a bevy of activity.  Not necessarily, the kind of activity one would hope for.  I have several species of  insects on the plants, and it can’t be good.

The pea plants are waning, due to the heat.  I should really yank them up, but I keep hoping for just a few more peas.  But I think the bugs are going to win out.  Don’t they always?

Stink bug.  Didn’t realize they FLY.

For some reason, there are like 3 different types of wasp on this one plant.  My sister will go into anaphylactic shock  just reading this.  She HATES wasps, bees, etc.  Anything that goes BUZZ!  Sorry, Lori.

Bumble bees.

unidentified bug

and this guy.  Swallowtail caterpillar.  He can come back anytime.

It really is a bug’s life.

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