It’s a waiting game.

Ok, so still no Porter tomato seeds, or trellis netting, or heating mat.  How am I supposed to garden, in the dead of winter, without my stuff?  My friend Holly, who lives in NY,  just posts pictures of snow and probably laughs at me.  But really, I could be getting so much done.  really.

We did have some 70 degree days and I was able to run out in the garden and WEED for a couple of hours as well as prune away some of  the unsightly perennials.  Here is the before and after of my Becky daisies.img_0094


And here is the garlic I had promised an update on. img_0095

Doesn’t look like much does it?  Garlic always makes me want to dig it up, just to have a look and see how its going.  Don’t worry, I didn’t.   (oh, and the tacky green edging is going also.)

I also planted the seeds I HAD received into the sponges of my seed starting system.  They were the Tam jalapeno, Purple jalapenos,  Patio Red Marconi peppers, Emerald Giant bell peppers, zebra tomatoes, aunt Ruby’s German cherry tomatoes (these were a freebie from the company) and the ground cherry seeds. 

img_0100 All of these except the ground cherry,  I placed two seeds into the hole of the sponge.  If  two plants should emerge, then you can just cut the less vigorous plant at the base with sharp scissors.  I figure I am increasing my odds of success with more than one seed, if you catch my drift.  Those ground cherry seeds were a challenge.  It was like planting  seeds the size of those on the outside of a strawberry.  These were just placed on top of the sponge.  I had to use my pointed tweezers just to pick them up and place them. img_0103img_0105img_0104

This is a post-it note and the black seeds on the left are poppy seeds.  The ground cherry seeds are on the right in the little plastic bag (very tiny).

 I then placed the system on top of my refrigerator  (a warm spot) for them to germinate.  This is what I did last year and it worked.  I will use the heating mat instead,  if it ever comes.  Once they sprout, (crossing fingers)  I will move them to underneath the grow light.

I also planted two rows of English peas.  These were directly sown into the garden.   My handy dandy vegetable gardening guide said to  plant them 2-3 inches deep, 1 inch apart and the rows should be 18 inches apart.  I kind of fudged on the 18 inches apart but not by more than an inch.  I laid a dowel I had in the middle of the row to mark the spot where the netting/trellis will go….. provided it ever comes.

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