Well, heck.

img_0088img_0089img_0092I am so itching to get out in the garden and we are expecting freezing rain/ice,  in other words, the worst weather for our area. 

 I did manage to get outside one day this past weekend and begin preparations for my main vegetable bed.  I took out the spinach-going-nowhere and also some of the swiss chard to make room for english peas.  The peas I had placed in a plastic sandwich bag on a wet paper towel germinated, so I have decided to plant the remainder.  Oh, and I also left the parsley.

So, I had a couple of bags of chicken manure which I dumped into the bed and worked in a bit.  I am so hoping my trellis netting will come TODAY or tomorrow so I can get it erected and get these peas in the ground by the weekend .

I received my sponges for the seed germination kit, but no seeds or heating mat yet.  Are you beginning to see how my life goes?  Whenever they do arrive, I will be starting seeds of peppers and tomatoes.

I did come across a wonderful book this weekend that may become my new gardening bible Month-to-Month Gardening in Texas  by Dale Groom.   In addition to being divided into months, it is then further sub- divided  into annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, roses, and vegetables.   There is  also a wonderful table which has all the information needed re: planting vegetables.

In addition to work in the vegetable garden, I am very anxious to begin some major revisions.  These will include moving shrubs and plants to optimize space. ( more on that later)

But, for now I will leave you with a lovely photo of my compost pile.img_0085

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