Welcome 2010

 I know I have complained about the weather a lot this past year.  But, it really has been difficult.  I wanted you to read an email I received from a local CSA, Barking Cat Farm (so you wouldn’t think it was just me, hehe).  They and many farmers here in Texas, and across the country had a very difficult year.   We need  to support our local farmers.  Farming is hard work, even in a “good” year.

Hi Folks,

It has been a very long while since we sent out an update. In fact the last update we sent to the whole list was in July, 2009. A lot has happened since then, so we thought we’d tell you what’s been going on and give you an update on our plans for 2010.

2009 or “The Year it Rained Too Much”

2009 was a disaster for us and many other farmers across the country. In our area, we & others had complete crop losses due to the excessive rain. We also know of at least one local CSA that went out of business due to the incredibly bad weather. In the NE part of the US, too much rain was also an issue as well as a large outbreak of late blight spread accidentally by big box stores to commercial growers.

If you are farming, you are at the mercy of the weather. We do plan ahead for problems, but this last year was overwhelming and there was really little that we could do. First we had a late freeze in April that killed crops normally okay to plant by then (tomatoes, peppers), followed by heavy rains in May (preventing replanting of tomatoes, peppers, direct seeding squash, rotting the Akin potato crop in the ground), followed by scorching heat that lasted all summer (algae bloom in the pond that clogged the drip lines, killing blueberry bushes), and then record heavy rains in September & October (disrupting fall planting of broccoli, cabbage, carrots, beets, etc, wiping out the Akin Fall bean crop). The whole recap of 2009 is long and not included here.

So, I am thinking if they are willing to regroup and start again, then by golly, so am I.  Because to be honest, I am already dreaming of those wonderful homegrown tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, …  

  Yeah, I’m hooked.

I may not have the most successful, or most prolific, or most beautiful produce in my garden.  But, it is a source of joy, a stress reliever (most of the time) and a delicious hobby.  So, here’s to Gardening!!!!!!!!!!

Goodbye 2009 (and good riddance), Welcome 2010!!


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