Peek a Boo

Winter is here.  We have had temperatures in the upper 20’s.  One day, we were colder than New York.  What’s up with that? A snowy “blizzard” on Christmas day and  then more sleet and snow.   This week in the teens.  THE TEENS.   It  has been years since I remember it getting that cold in Dallas.  You know why this is happening don’t you?  Yes, because I decided to start a garden blog.  Not a recipe blog or diary blog but a garden blog….sweet.

All of my vegetables I am trying to grow through the winter are covered.  So, I couldn’t stand it.   I had to take a peek.  Juuust to see how things were going.


But turns out, they are rather cozy under there.  I harvested some of the watercress, arugula and lettuce for a salad.  The watercress has grown fairly well but the arugula and lettuces are a bit larger than micro-greens.  Oh well, it IS winter.  It’s about this time of year I wish for a greenhouse, but unfortunately I have no room for one.  Maybe I should rent space from my neighbor next door who does absolutely nothing with their outdoor space.  Hmmm.

Seriously, I am worried about some of my plants, shrubs and one small tree in particular.  I have been busily wrapping the tree.  I did cover the top, but just didn’t get a picture of the end results.  You get the idea.

The spinach is about the same size as a few weeks ago and probably won’t grow much until early Spring.   That is, if I can keep it alive.  The kale had frost on it this  morning even with the row cover  and didn’t look too good,  so it may not make it.

The radishes are hanging in there too.

 Most everything else has a row cover or I moved into the house or garage temporarily.  Oh well, this weather should be good for the peonies.

How’s your winter going?

 p.s.  Many thanks to the couple of people who have been checking my blog daily for a post.  This holiday season was just too busy for me.  I hope to get back to more regular posting.  Thanks for hanging in there.

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