Here we go again.

Forgive me if I am wrong, but didn’t it rain for forty days and nights in the Spring when I wanted to plant my Spring garden?  And isn’t it raining all this week when I had “planned” to start planting some of my Fall garden? Yes and yes.

Well, as it turns out the rain may have been fortuitous (yeah, that’s right I had the spell check on) because even though it has been cool this past week, today was downright muggy.  Tomorrow, the temperature is supposed to go to 89, And rain.  We are to receive 4 inches by noon tomorrow.

But, the rain has been great for something I planted evidently all wrong.  Watercress.  Heh, heh, first clue was WATER in watercress.  It turns out, this is a plant grown along river banks, marshy areas, etc.  Well, mine is in a regular old pot.  It is probably doing ok right now only because it has rained all week.  Sorry for the blurry pic, I was trying to get it quickly as it was sprinkling.



What I should  have done is plant the seeds in a pot with holes in it, then place that pot in another pot of water.  This would replicate its preferred habitat.  Oops.   But, so far so good.  There is a plant called  just Cress or Garden Cress which is probably what I should have planted.   They are meant to be planted in the garden and don’t require the extra water.   I didn’t realize it, but I have a packet of those seeds as well, so I will plant them in the garden.  Maybe in the Spring.

My Arugula has also germinated as well as the Lolita  and Petite Rouge lettuces.



Petite Rouge and Lolita

Petite Rouge and Lolita

I am hoping to plant Parsley,  Swiss Chard, and Tom Thumb lettuce this week, after the flood.  As you can see, it’s not looking too good.


 Stay tuned.


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