All in the Family

My mom has been busily working in her garden and wanted me to take some pictures of her hard work.

My mom and I have totally different gardens.  If  she were to have a blog it would be called The Immaculate Gardener or The Perfect Garden. 

 My garden is more of a “cottage” style garden if I had to label it.  It has sprawling tomato plants and cucumber plants and trellises with vines or vegetables scrambling up them.  Nothing ever seems to stay within the confines of their pot or planter and I’m okay with that.  If  leaves find their way into the garden, they are raked into the compost bed. 

My mom, however, does not tolerate leaves messing up her beautiful garden.  She is meticulous with her secateurs and frets when mother nature (sometimes in the form of squirrels) spits acorns onto her lawn.

I wish I could be more of a perfectionist, but I guess I will have to leave that to the professionals.  Like my mom.   Welcome to Mary’s garden.

















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3 responses to “All in the Family

  1. Gina

    You are so right about everything you said about your Mother’s garden. Every time I am there I feel so peaceful just looking around at all the beauty and can’t imagine the number of hours of hard work, but work she loves doing. I can always just picture a small wedding right there in the middle of all that beauty. You have such a special Mother!!

  2. thesisterproject

    I am also a highly imperfect gardener, and always looking at friend’s pristine gardens and wishing I could be more disciplined and perfectionist about it…on the other hand, as something of a gardening neophyte, every single thing that actually grows instead of withering gives me great pleasure–so maybe I don’t need to strive for perfection just yet!

  3. fromgardentotable

    I love that you said “every single thing that grows instead of withering gives me great pleasure…” I feelexactly the same way.Hope you’ll come again, soon. Tammy

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