Trying to Beat the Storm

I worked 8:30-5:30 on Friday and hurried home (if you can call sitting in traffic for an hour+ “hurrying”) to make preparation to plant SEEDS, for which I am already late.   But, what to do?  It has rained literally every day or  was so wet it may as well have.   So much so,  I have not been able to get out in the garden.  And another storm was coming.

I stopped by the local hardware/garden store and picked up two 6ft. tall bamboo poles for my trellis; they were perfect.  This is the nylon trellis I ordered back in Jan.? and didn’t get until it was too late for my peas, so I am using it for cucumbers. 


 So Friday evening I am out in the garden, erecting this trellis in the waning light.  Just me and the mosquitos. Yeah, they’re baaack.

Luckily, Saturday turned out to be rain free.  So I was able to plant my cucumber seeds.  I planted A&C pickling  and De Bourbonne.  I had googled planting cucumber seeds and found a very informative site from Texas A&M.  Their suggestion was to plant on little “hills” and place about four seeds on a “hill”.  So I have two “hills” for each variety.  I don’t know if you can see the little “hills” very well in this photo, but they are there for now.  Hopefully they won’t be washed away.  The article stated that cucumbers need well-drained soil.IMG_0330

I also planted my basil seeds in the bed where I took out the peas and parsley.  I will also plant purple hull peas there soon.  I planted three types of lettuce in a large pot so I can move it to shade in the afternoons if needed (petite rouge, little gem, and mignonette bronze).  I don’t know why I am just now planting lettuce.  I had originally planned to plant in a bed but had to change to a pot.  If I had realized I would be planting in a container, I could be eating lettuce by now.  Oh, well.

My tomato and pepper plants  have blooms on them.

porter tomato

porter tomato



And one even has a tiny pepper.

jalapeno pepper

jalapeno pepper

 Very exciting!

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