Peony Pleasure

I have to admit it.  Sometimes, just sometimes mind you, I can be really hard-headed, stubborn even.  One, of those times,  is when I believe I am right and the other is when you tell me “Oh, yes, but you can’t grow those here.”   Hmm.

Such is the case with peonies.  “Oh, it doesn’t get cold enough here.”  “Those are for up North, zone 3 (granted, that is ideal)”.  So, I was determined  to have them.  

 I planted them on the northern exposure of the house.  I planted them in an area where they could grow undisturbed (in front of my white azaleas).  Did you know that peonies can last for 50 years?   I planted the root  with the little eyes at just the right depth (one inch depth for warmer climates, zone 8-9).  And then I held my breath… because the first year they barely bloomed.  But I was patient, or stubborn if you wish, and sometimes that pays off.

 Since  it was going to rain and storm on Saturday evening,  I ran out and cut a bouquet.  Because, you see, there is nothing more beautiful, more spectacular, or more glamorous than peonies.




What do you think?


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2 responses to “Peony Pleasure

  1. Amy

    GORGEOUS =]]

  2. fromgardentotable

    Thank you. These are definitely one of my favorite flowers.

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