Old Man Winter

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I had a draft started on December 18th, but my dad became critically ill over Christmas and so I haven’t had the time or the heart.  But he is doing much better now and hopefully will go home this week.  But alas, no pics for this post.

The temperatures have been really crazy here.  One day in the high 60’s and 2-3 days later in the 20’s and back up to 70 in 2-3 more days.  

So while inspecting the survivors in the garden I realized I still have something green, something fragrant, something edible, and something beautiful.

My rosemary topiary.

I use rosemary almost every time I cook chicken.  I throw it in when I am boiling a chicken.  I also use it under the skin when I roast one.  I use it to skewer chicken on the grill.   I just love having it fresh and on hand when I need it.  I bought one two Christmases ago and it is still thriving. (Probably due for a repotting this spring.)  I also want to try it  in making soaps and scrubs, really any way in which I can utitlize it more.  I just love the fragrance.

So, the week of Thanksgiving I went to my neighborhood nursery looking for a potted mum but instead I found something else.

I have been wanting one of these for the longest time, sooo, ahem, I bought one.  It is a bay laurel plant.  Yep, same bay leaves you use in cooking.  Isn’t it pretty?  I may need another one, you know, to balance out my mantle which is where I would like to put them.   There may not be enough light in there, but it will look good anywhere, I think.

Sorry for the short post.  Next post will be an update on that garlic I planted in October and thoughts about what to plant for spring.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  I know my New Year is going to be much better, now that my Dad will be coming home.


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2 responses to “Old Man Winter

  1. Tammy, this is the first time I have looked at your blog and just love it. I am forwarding
    your website on to some other friends. It is so interesting!! Love, Gina

  2. fromgardentotable

    Thank you Gina. This is very inspiring when you realize someone may actually be reading it.

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