Let Us.

I have been very excited to find out how easy lettuce is to grow.   My biggest problem with lettuce is forgetting to resow every few weeks to have an ongoing supply! 

I like growing mine in pots.  It is easier to harvest and I do have occasional bunnies in the garden, so it keeps it out of their way.  Here is my recent harvest.

Little gem. This is a small butterhead, great for pots!

Red deer tongue.  I just snip off the leaves as I need them.

Arugula.  It is so peppery and delicious.

A friend of mine, Sandy, gave me these awesome storage bags for vegetables.

My harvest.

Now, let us have some salad!!!

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  1. yumm! those look like nice storage bags. it seems like the lettuce i harvest at home wilts so much faster than store-bought…but it rarely gets a chance to wilt because i usually eat it right away.

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