Winter blahs

 We, along with the entire country, have had our share of snow and ice.  Just makes you want to curl up in a comfortable chair with a good book, doesn’t it?   More about good books, later.

However, this past weekend we reached 67 degrees.  Craaazzy!  It did prompt me to get my fanny out and do something productive in the garden.

1. Weeded- Where do they all come from?  It’s amazing.  If I don’t start now, they will overrun me by Spring.

2.  Added four bags of compost to certain areas and readied one bed for planting my English peas.  It looks better already.  I love me some garden peas!

3.  Also, I trimmed and trimmed  all the dead sticks and fluff to make things look more tidy.

Which now looks much better.

4.  Cut my rosebush  back by half.  It really needed it.  Also, moved another rosebush which will free up some more space for veggies.

5.  Bought my potatoes to plant in my potato bags.  These are Yukon Gold and I also bought some Kennebec which are a much darker colored potato.  I put them in a sunny spot to better sprout their little “eyes”.

6.  Oh yeah, and I slipped on my stones and fell flat on my face.  I’m still sore.

So, here is a picture of winter in Texas without the pretty snow.

So ugly.  Please remember this picture in a few months when things will look much better. I hope.

I do have one bright spot in this dreary winter.  Margaret Roach’s book will be coming out next week.  Don’t know Margaret?  Well, you need to make her acquaintance.  She was the gardening editor for Martha Stewart magazine before she retreated to the solitude and beauty of her garden.  Boy, is it some garden.   You can visit her at   And be sure to check out the youtube video about her new book entitled,  And I Shall Have Some Peace There.

Congratulations, Margaret!

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