Fall Garden update

The Fall garden I planted is now up and growing. Slowly.  Our weather has been fairly mild with a few really cold days thrown in.  We’ve even had a couple of  frosts and the weatherman is speaking of  snow flurries tomorrow.  My feelings about that are to ignore him totally, because I don’t want to get my hopes up.

You may remember the empty pots of dirt I showed you.  They really weren’t empty. See.

This is arugula.

A lettuce mixture.


Another lettuce mixture.

My romeo carrots have grown quite a bit.

I am so excited, because for the first time I have …

Carrots!!  I love these baby carrots, aren’t they cute?

I have been covering the pots with frost cloth whenever I hear the weather may dip below freezing.  So far, it is working.

I also planted swiss chard, beets and radishes.  They have sprouted but aren’t growing very much.  I’m not covering them with the frost cloth.  I am afraid they are on their own.

My garlic has sprouted also.

My poor little Porter cherry tomatoes are hanging in there.

So I have had a few more tomatoes.  But don’t get too excited.  only a few

I am amazed they are still alive, much less producing.  Porter tomatoes were originally introduced to grow in the heat of Texas.   I haven’t been covering them with the frost cloth either, so they really are hardy.

Now if my lettuce would hurry up before my tomatoes are all gone, I might have a salad.

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