Doing what I do best.

 Growing weeds. 

I am not talking about your run of the mill dandelion, chickweed, crabgrass, nut grass, Dallas grass, and many more I can’t name.  Although, they have  been in my garden at one time or another (and still are).

No, no, no.  I am speaking of the weeds I actually tried to grow on purpose.

Let me explain.  The first was the butterfly weed which I showed you here and now out of the blue, I have another weed to show you.

Milk weed.

The truth is, when I say “doing what I do best” I really mean planting seed and then forgetting about it.  OR  pulling up the plants not realizing they are a weed I WANT.  But these guys are really hardy and survive despite me.  The plant pictured above (sorry for the blurry photos) is called Common Milkweed and doesn’t require special preparation before planting.

Thank goodness, because both of these plants attract Butterflies!, especially Monarch butterflies.  Butterfly Encounters here has THE best information regarding milkweed.  They have several varieties for sale and even have a great video showing how to prepare the seed for germination. 

If I can grow them, anyone can.

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