Spring has Sprung?

What a crazy, busy month March was.  Was it in like a lion, out like a lamb? 

 I’m not sure but on the 18th , I took off from my day job to work in the garden.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day. 70’s.  I made several trips to the nursery for compost/bedding mix etc. to raise my beds.  I have this “island” in the middle of the garden which seemed to have sunk over the winter.  As a matter of fact, I believe all my beds have.  So, I added edging all around the bed.  I then began the laborious task of weeding.  After weeding, I placed newspaper down on the ground and added my bedding mix/compost on top.  I am hoping this will deter the weeds.  I know mulch is also used to deter weeds, but I have found with our humidity  mulch is a haven for pill bugs and snails.  It may be I just haven’t found the “right” mulch.

Now onward to the side beds. 

I have purchased some trellis supports I am excited about.  First, I bought these rectangular trellises which fold flat.  A huge bonus.

Also, purchased this large tomato trellis.  Much sturdier than the ones I have been using.

But probably the support I am most excited about is my tepee.  I am going to plant my Jack Be Little pumpkins around it and then in the center I am going to plant lettuces.   I read this suggestion and thought it was a great idea.

I am almost ready to direct seed my pinto beans, haricot vert beans, purple hull peas, pumpkins, squash and cucumbers.  (I am waiting for the soil to warm up a little more.)  My tomato plants are ready for transplanting and so are my peppers.  The peppers I am going to put in pots.

So that was Thursday.  Sunday morning, March 21, we awoke to this.

Now  we are back up into the 70’s even hitting the 80’s  one day.  The garden is starting to shape up.  My Texas Mt. Laurel is in full bloom.  The blooms smell like Nehi grape soda. 

 My hellebores have been blooming now for a while and lillies and hostas have started to really grow.

I can’t wait to get out in the garden this weekend!

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