Is it Fall yet?

Oh my gosh.  This summer heat is dragging on forever…  Although,  this morning it was 68.  But, by the end of this week it is supposed to be back up in the 90’s, in the afternoons.  I just really haven’t felt like getting out in the garden except for demolition.  Yeah, everything looks that bad.

I have a bed along the fence that I am trying to build up (seems like I am always doing this).  It  is where my cucumbers were planted and where I want to plant some of my Fall garden.   I am also taking out some plants there which were either 1.) crispy (so they are not in the right spot or 2) ugly (spiderwort is not looking good there) 

For those of you who don’t believe the crispy part, here are some examples.






Isn’t that sad?  There were others but they have been discarded long ago.

I also emptied out my large pots which contained my bell peppers and hot peppers.  I want to use them for my lettuces.  In the bed where  the purple hull peas were, I am going to plant swiss chard again.  Here is my list of plants for Fall and the dates recommended for planting in Region III in Texas.  Dallas is located in Region III.  I found this chart at .

  • Beets                     Oct. 15th  ( I am growing a variety where the tops are used as well)
  • Carrots                 Nov. 10th ( I already have the seed and want to try them in a Fall garden as in the Spring I didn’t have very good  any success.
  • Swiss Chard         Oct. 1st
  • Garlic                     October (haven’t received my order yet)
  • Leaf lettuce          Oct. 10th  ( have multiple varieties)
  • Parsley                   Oct. 10th
  • Radish                     Nov. 25th (I am planting these for the first time.  I have never been very fond of radishes, but thought I would try them again.  Something else for my salads.
  • Spinach                   Nov. 15th  ( I am going to try Spinach again , I didn’t have any luck with it last year but I am going to research it a little better this year and will let you know what I find out)
  • Watercress             Oct. 10th  (I am in love with this, hope I can grow it!)
  • Snap bush beans  Sept. 1st  ( I am thinking about this one but may just wait til Spring)
  • Onion seed             Nov. 1st (This one will depend if I can get the particular seed I am looking for, otherwise I will plant slips in the Spring)
  • Last, but not least, I am going to try planting Kale seeds indoors to be transplanted 6 weeks before first frost ( our first frost is Oct. 20th so I better get with it!!!)

My sister Lori and my niece Britney brought me the cutest thing from Canton, TX (huge flea market and craft sale every 1st Monday weekend)  So, if you need me …


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