Just Peachy

Well, I just remembered that today was the second week of Summer Fest at www.awaytogarden.com  and the other participating blogs.   What to contribute?  What have I made lately bearing stone fruit? 

Yes, a peach cobbler and it’s a good one.  It’s southern and  sweet.   But Margaret made a clafoutis and while not the same,  it is  similar.  So, no.  Peach ice cream? no, did ice cream last week. 

So, WHAT!!!  Then, it hit me.  Bloomer Droppers.  My birthday was in June and (gulp) it was the big 50.  My incredible friends Jacque and Karen took me out for not just one day to celebrate, but two.  Some food, some drinks, some shopping.  All the good stuff.  But the BEST part was  the drink that Karen made.  Bloomer Droppers.

Even though Matt from www.mattbites.com is on the wagon this week.  You won’t be if you try these.  Be warned, they sneak up on you but they are AWESOME!

Bloomer Droppers

  • 2 medium to large peaches  (you can use nectarines, white peaches, the better the peach the better the drink)  pitted and sliced – no need to peel, in fact I wouldn’t
  • 6 oz. frozen lemonade concentrate
  • 6 oz. vodka  (again, the better the vodka…)
  • crushed ice 
  • Give it a whirr

Oh my gosh!  These are, to date,  the best drink I have ever had.  Hope you like them!

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