What’s Up?

So, here’s what’s happening  at fromgardentotable.

First, the lettuce.   I snipped the leaves after I took this picture and made the BEST salad.  I realized by growing it in a container, the leaves were perfect.IMG_0441

Next, my purple hull peas are coming up nicely. IMG_0448

The cucumbers have taken off. IMG_0453

Bell peppers are getting bigger. IMG_0480

Jalapeno peppers are prolific.   This is the 2nd or 3rd picking.IMG_0500

Tomatoes are growing. IMG_0452

But, the most exciting plants are the ground cherries!  Just as a refresher, this is what they started out as. IMG_0103

One of the tiniest seeds I have ever seen.  The black seeds, on the left,  are poppy seeds and the  seeds on the right are the ground cherries.

 So, 2 of the original 6 survived and they had a rather  shaky beginning.  But, I noticed the other day that there was actually fruit growing under the leaves. IMG_0478


Can you see what looks like little paper lanterns?  (I had to lie down on the ground to get this picture.)

These ground cherries are a “cousin” to tomatillos.  So, they have a papery husk on them like the tomatillos, which start out green (as well as the fruit) and then ripen to a golden color with a brown papery husk.  When they are ripe, they just fall on the ground, hence “ground cherries”.  Which I thought was mighty nice of them as some fruit/vegies are not so easy to tell when they are ready for harvest.  Hopefully,  the cherries will get larger and more prolific so I can make JAM!.  But if not, I will definitely plant these again.  It is so much fun to experiment with new plants. 

 What new plants have you planted this year?


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2 responses to “What’s Up?

  1. Gina

    Tammy, I LOVE your blog. It makes me want to go outside and do a lot more to my yard than I have done. Although…..I don’t believe my thumb is as green as yours!!! I am sending your website to all my gardening friends! They will love it.

  2. fromgardentotable

    Thanks, Gina. I am really enjoying it. 🙂

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