Good Grief

I am feeling very much like Charlie Brown today.  While the sun is shining here in big D, it’s a freakin 40 degrees with a wind chill of 20!!!!! AND tonight we are to have an unprecedented freeze.  There will be no planting of tomato or pepper plants today.  sigh.

So here are my pit-eee-ful plants awaiting their permanent home.img_0224img_0220img_0218

The three largest tomato plants  are transplants I bought last week at a local garden center.The rest of these are from seed.  More under the grow light, just getting leggier and leggier.  Charlie Brown sigh.


Gardening is not for sissies.


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2 responses to “Good Grief

  1. marsha sercy

    Reading your blog has made me think of a dear former patient of mine who graduated from Texas A&M in the early 40’s. Taught agriculture and had the most beautiful garden in Rockwall. His iris’s were also beautiful. But the most amazing were his tomatoes. Started from seed, wrapped in a wet papertowel and into a can to sprout. Then transplanted into pots under an indoor plant light. The interesting part was what he put into the ground when he transplanted them outside. Calcium tablets, Sugar etc. I have his written plan of action. Will try to find it and send it to you. However it looks like you are doing quite nicely without any help!

    Have enjoyed your blog!

  2. fromgardentotable

    Oh, that would be wonderful! I have such respect for Texas A&M and all of their wonderful research.

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