Fall/Victory Garden – I hope

Well, considering all that has happened with the economy,  I am really glad that I have planted a small tiny garden.  Even if there will be no exporting or selling for big bucks.   Hopefully, I will have enough for a salad or two.

I have planted a butterhead  lettuce, Lactuca sativa, specifically – Tom Thumb.  As you may have guessed, the heads are small.  About the size of a baseball with leaves.  It is the perfect lettuce for space challenged gardens.  I got my seeds at www.heirloomseeds.com.


 I have also planted flat leaf parsley, bright lights swiss chard, and Monstrueuse de Viroley spinach.   I planted flat leaf parsley because I like to use it in cooking over the curled leaf variety.  I planted the bright lights swiss chard because of the different colored stems, red, yellow and orange as opposed to just plain old chard. 

 The spinach variety was planted because I loved the description at www.rareseeds.com “A gourmet French heirloom developed prior to 1866”.  I figure if it’s been around that long maybe even I can’t kill it.  It is also described as “very fast growing, popular for fall planting”. Bingo. This spinach is supposed to have large leaves and are of the smooth variety.

I have never planted spinach, so this will be a new experience.  I have planted swiss chard before but only with transplants, not from seed.  Parsley I have had a “hit and miss” success, so we shall see.

Here are the early beginnings.img_00061

I’ll keep you posted.


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2 responses to “Fall/Victory Garden – I hope

  1. We’re obviously in different climates. My garden is done for the year, but if you want tips on growing tomatoes in small spaces come check out the plants I grew this summer. I used my father’s “Japanese Tomato Ring” method and the plants got so tall I had to climb a ladder to pick them. I grew gorgeous Brandywines, Early Girls, Beefsteaks and one Better Boy. Happy growing. There’s nothing better than home grown veggies.

  2. fromgardentotable


    Thanks for the “Japanese Tomato Ring” info. I will definitely try that out. I LOVE tomatoes and would be thrilled to have a bumper crop. I couldn’t agree more.

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