Compost = black gold

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it, but I am gardening in zone 8b, in the Dallas area.  I’ve never understood what makes the difference in 8a or 8b.  But what I DO know is that the soil I am working in is black clay.  Sometimes known as concrete.

So, this past weekend before I could plant some pansies, snapdragons and dianthus, to name a few, I had to take out a wheelbarrow full of clay.  Then, I amended the beds with soil + compost.  I did have quite a few earthworms, but they evidently aren’t working hard enough. 

Just this summer, I started a compost pile.  I absconded a 3ft round bale of wire  from behind my parent’s garage (my mom was only too thrilled to be rid of it) and have it “hidden” in a back corner.  It seems to be coming along fairly well. 

So, this winter I will be adding compost to all my beds.

Do you find that you are constantly amending your soil?

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