Fall garden – I’m ready

I  finally “readied” my beds for planting.   Only a gardener can truly appreciate the meaning of “readied”.  Back breaking, 40 lb. bag lugging, turning the soil, hoeing, and raking.  Whew!

This year I planted garlic in those “readied” beds.  The variety is             

   which I got from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange.  It was the best place to find garlic in a small quantity (8 oz = 4 large heads), to plant.  Many of the other sites minimum was a lb. of garlic.   Way more than I needed and cost about $25-27.  A little pricey for my uses.   This variety is a softneck which is the best variety for the South.

I didn’t plant garlic last year, and I sure did miss having it.   I am hoping this crop does well.  It went into this bed.

I also planted a few weeks ago Romeo carrots, in a pot, which certainly have a lot of greenery up top.  Hopefully, carrots below. 

I also planted in pots, some watercress, arugula and a lettuce “salad” mix.

Now wasn’t that exciting looking at pots with dirt in them.

I also planted in another “readied” bed – swiss chard, beets and radishes.  I planted these last year as well, but no luck with the beets and radishes.  Which is pretty sad, as radishes are supposed to be the easiest garden vegetable to grow.  It’s the one children usually start out with.  yeah.

I have decided to be the manure queen this winter.  I am determined to have my beds so soft, you can stick a fork in them.  about two feet down!  I am always adding compost but this winter it is going to be pure doo.

Fall bounty so far has been rather pathetic.  I planted cherry tomatoes late in the summer and have this to show for it.

Yes. one.  there are a few on the vine but I’m not sure they are going to grow anymore. sigh.

I also harvested A single  bell pepper from each of these two pitiful plants.  Poor things.  It’s like the whole plant had only enough energy for one pepper each.  

  I also picked the rest of the hot peppers. 

But what I did have the most of were ground cherries.  I harvested all the plants and this is what I got. 

 Next year I will have ground cherry plants coming up everywhere.  I have started the jam making process and will show you the results in my next post.

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